Applying for Membership to the Skillin' Villains Society

There are two ways to join the Skillin' Villains Society. The first is to be sponsored to the society by a member. Those sponsored by a member will be helped to sign up and be approved into the society by ranking officers at their first available convenience.

If you do not know a Skillin' Villains member, but would like to apply to our society, it is quite easy to do so. In game, simply locate the nearest Society terminal, click on the terminal, search for "skillin" and then click "apply to join". If you need assistance with applying to join, you can contact Oleg or any of the colonels via our forum. (You will need to register on the forum.)

Once your application has been received, you will be contacted for a chat by one of our members to determine whether you appear to be a good fit for the society. This is more about attitude than skills, we are open to everyone - but we do require our members to be considerate, mature and well-mannered toward all players, in the society and out. (For more about our member requirements, please read the Society Rules below.)

If you are approved, a ranking officer will give the final okay on your application and you will officially become a Skillin Villain!



Society Rules

1. Begging is not acceptable and will possibly be grounds from dismissal from our society. This means begging other society members AND non-society members. Members who are in desperate need of supplies or assistance can appeal to ranking officiers for help. However, any assistance provided by other society members is volunteered, not required and abuse of this assistance is grounds for termination from the society. If a society member is kind enough to provide you with equipment, this equipment is NOT to be sold. If you no longer need it or do not want it, then give it back or donate it to another society member. Although we are a supportive society, all members are expected to be self-sufficient.

2. Spamming or repeated messages of no value to the Society Chat window is also not allowed. Also, if you are having a long ongoing chat with only one other society member, please take it to private messaging to reduce clutter on the chat channel. When you are on a team, please keep team member chats to the Team channel or All channel.

3. Only Colonels and above are “allowed” to promote members to new ranks in our society. Although people of Sergeant rank or higher have the power to promote, please do not do so without permission.

4. Hate language and personal slurs of other society members OR non-society members is grounds for immediate termination from the society. This includes language pertaining to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation and anything else that we deem to be inappropriate. If in doubt that what you are about to say may be offensive, then just don't say it.

5. Have fun. If you can’t find a teammate to hunt/mine/run with, there is nothing wrong with hunting yourself. Please do not repeatedly beg or whine for others to join you. Most our our members enjoy teaming with others, but sometimes people are busy with other tasks, in a distant location or otherwise simply not available.

6. Please, please, make every attempt to act mature in the game. Yes, it’s a game, but we don’t have to show everyone else that we are not mature!

7. If you have a complaint against a member for violating any of the society rules, or for any other reason, please take this complaint in PRIVATE to The General or one of the other colonels via private chat in game or by private message or email through the forums. Do NOT post complaints against other players in the forum or on the chat channels.

These are not really tough rules to follow. Mostly common sense. We have a pretty great group of people in our society and hopefully it continues to grow and evolve.


Promotion Rules

To be promoted from Recruit to Private you must:
- Have all Calypso teleporters on your map
- Create an account on the SV forum and post an introductory thread in the 'Hello I'm New' sub-forum
- Have been active and engaged with the society for a minimum of 14 days

To be promoted from Private to Sergeant you must:
- Have achieved a minimum of Level 10 in a crafting profession, Level 12 in a mining profession, or Level 15 in any other profession
- Have been active and engaged with the society for a minimum of 30 days

To be promoted from Sergeant to Captain you must:
- Have achieved a minimum of Level 20 in a crafting or mining profession, or Level 25 in any other profession
- Have been active and engaged with the society for a minimum of 60 days

To be promoted from Captain to Colonel you must:
- Have been active and engaged with the society for a minimum of 120 days
- Be a regular and active member of the SV forum
- Have made an outstanding contribution to the society
- Be proposed for promotion by an existing Colonel or the General
- Have your promotion approved by a majority vote of the current active Colonels

Only Colonels or the General can approve promotions. It's impossible for us to keep track of every member's position and skills, so if you are eligible for promotion it is your responsibility to ask a Colonel/General to approve it. They will check that you fulfil the requirements (by scanning, carrying out a TP test, etc) and make a judgement on whether your activity levels and longevity are sufficient.

If they feel you do not fulfil the requirements, they will explain why and let you know what you need to do to be eligible. If your promotion request is rejected, please don't just go and immediately ask someone else!

Only the General can promote a member to Colonel, after approval by the current Colonels.

In normal circumstances a society member will not be demoted to a lower rank, but we reserve the right to demote a member for disciplinary reasons (i.e. breaking society rules) or to refuse a promotion for the same reason.

Inactive Colonels may be temporarily demoted to Captain. If and when they resume normal activity levels they will be restored to Colonel.


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