Mission Statement

First, as one of the original “founders” of Skillin’ Villains, let me welcome you to our society and society website/forums! I’m sure I speak for all of us collectively when I welcome you!

Who we are/what we do and why do we do it! Well, I would guarantee everyone has a different take on this. Everyone has their own personal reasons for playing “the game”. It is a game, right???? But why the society?

It all started out by accident. Just a casual trade at Atlantis, a help me request from a crappy outpost and casual conversation here and there. Pretty soon, we were all on each others’ friends list. Since we were all friendly folk and we were all just running around, skilling and having fun, we decided that maybe we should start up our own society for us. Easier to keep our friends together without crowding someone else’s society and learning their rules.

Since Twitchie is always skillin’, I tried to think of some catchy name. As I didn’t have a dictionary or thesaurus, villains was the only thing I could think of.

Why a “military” structured society? Well, I spent 8 ½ years in the army and know how the rank structure works. Besides, ranks sound cool! Do the ranks mean much? Yes and no. They won’t “help” you in the game, but you get your promotions for certain tasks completed. For example, all TP’s collected, skill advancement, etc.

What do we ask of our society members? One thing and one thing only. Help each other out. If someone is stuck, help them, if they are lost, find them. Need escort to new TP’s, provide covering fire and FAP them. Have questions on anything? Try to answer them…. Remember, we were all new at some point.

There are SOME rules as to what we accept and don’t. Don’t beg for ped or stuff. You don’t do this in REAL life do ya? If someone loans you something, be courteous and take care of it. Don’t sell it for profit. If someone gives you a gift, be thankful. Remember, everyone started out as an OJ. (Orange suiter) We’re all adults here, act like it of course.

A side note, we’re all from different areas, have different customs and cultures. If someone says or does something offensive, have a discussion with that person and tell them it’s unacceptable. Not all of us are “politically correct”. In fact, some of us, (ME) might just be plain crazy at times!

Oh, and one last thing. Have fun, and don’t be shy! We all love to chat while playing!!!

May the Schwartz be with you!

Larry Compusmurf Wright


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